Path to the Throne

After the tournament

The Party competed in a tournament in the village of O-Hana. The tournament pitted the party against each other to see who could come out on top. After the tournament had finished and Marcus Quinn (Kyle Hal.) and Claus Fellion (Kyle Hop.) found and dealt with some individuals who were committing treason, the Empress asked for there aid in finding and investigating suspected thieves supposedly working for the Sylvan who live and watch over the Nemus Forest. Nalita (Amanda), Norvath (Patrick), Titus (Mike), Marcus (Kyle Hal.), Claus (Kyle Hop), Tisk (Stephen), and Ayaki (Jerry), set out to find these bandits and bring them to justice. Nalita and Tisk, were called away during the journey to assist their Nations with some internal struggles.


During their travels the party encountered a rampage of drakes, unable to sneak around, they triumphed over the Drakes almost losing their lives in the process. After they healed they continued on their journey besting an Earth Elemental with the help of a wandering traveler.



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