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Liro is a world of massive proportions, not necessarily in size but in variety. Variety of race, culture, languages, and beliefs. Land is varied as much as anything else, from vast planes to mountains that kiss the very heavens.Civitatem in Aeri “the City in the Sky,” is the home to the Fortes, a race of benevolent, and magical people who provide protection to beings below.


The Fortes have formed a council known as the Golaha Saddex, this council is constructed of the mightiest, most intelligent warriors that the Fortes have to offer. Combat even though necessary is frowned upon by the Fortes. Their belief in peaceful solutions, is what most Lirotions look to achieve. When the great world war took off, the Fortes wept fearing the demise of all the life that they vowed to protect. As the war raged on the Fortes finally descended and demanded a peaceful resolution

Liro rotates around two supernovas, Magnus Frater the larger of the the supernovas and Vester Sanctus. One day spans 48 hours, daylight for approximately 24 and night for the other 24. Liro has one true continent with tiny islands peppered through out. The supernovas provide rays that produce an almost magical effect in a percentage of the population and even in some of the plant life.

Sylvan and Albero are in essence sentient plants, living in chaotic harmony with nature and the small creatures living within and around them. The Sylvan are sometimes viewed spirits, or powerful beings in the form of these sentient trees and plants.


Among the woodland folk are the, Dularfullar Konur, they are scattered throughout the Outer Realms, but sometimes you can find them in families. They are a Matriarch, a society of women, beautiful and alluring at a glance, kind and caring until you cause them problems. They can help you or hurt you, but in all you make the decision on how the encounter will go. At the end of it you seem to walk out with a little more luck whether it be good or bad.


Deep within the Nemus forest lay rampages of drakes, fearsome dragons that spit acid and maul all those foolish enough to traverse into their territory. The drakes living in this area used to fall under the control of the long extinct Dominis Bestia a race of legend, once thought to be kin to the Fortes. It is said that the Dominis Bestia where a warring people easy to anger, and hard to kill. It is said that they hated what the creatures of the land had done to Liro through there anger and incompetence the land they had once loved was being destroyed. Through a disagreement in how to handle the situation the Fortes split-off. During the Great world War the Dominis Bestia vanished leaving behind their hate within the Beasts they had mastered.



The Dwarves are a strong and hardy race, the Dwarves are masters at their crafts, runesmithing, weaponsmithing, and armorsmithing. Among them lay great warriors and rogues, housed in the mountains throughout the land of Liro these noble people, live and die by the stone. However, fringe Dwarves do exist, those who travel beyond the confines of their mighty mountain fortresses, those who risk everything to travel out into the world seeking adventure and riches. Some Dwarves do it for a different life, a different path. These Trailblazing Dwarves go out among the populace fighting off evil, and those that don’t fully understand the Dwarven people. One such group call themselves the Grundsinshak. The Grundsinshak are soon to be led by the heir to the Chieftain, Norvath.


Norvath’s tribe was known as the Grundsinshak in Human terms ground shakers most of their lives were spent in caves. Dark rituals took place such as the sacrifice of small animals and then drinking their blood to appease their gods and then meditating or praying to their god until they were brought to the light of Torag. Torag was known as a profit who became a god at his death and was believed to be the one who gave the Dwarves life.

When brought to the light of Torag they began the ritual of heavy meditation which meant that they would go into the wilderness for days without food or water and find their spiritual guide, who assisted them in finding Torag so that they could pray for what was needed.

This ritual took months to train for. The last one of the Grundsinshak to do this ritual was found dead in the forbidden forest two days later from starvation. He was not strong enough in spirit or faith to perform such a devastating task. Norvath the Chieftain’s son would on occasion perform a blood ritual. This ritual requires you to take a few drops of your blood and drip it on an idol of Torag, followed by a two day meditation ending in a prayer. The Grundsinshak tribe are descendants of the Gurun, named after the city in the mountain of Rakadore. The Grunsinshak kept the Gurun’s Hierarchical form of government making the rulers out of the Leading family Charka.

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